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Consultations services include:

Initial Consultations - We come to your house, assess the environment and your child. We begin to work directly with your child as well as teach you how to work with your child after the principles and priorities of ABA/VB. Before we leave, we will have designed a complete home program that you can continue to implement on your own. This initial consultation will usually last 3 days. 

Phone, Email, Video and Online Consultations - Even after we’ve left your house, you won't be left alone. Once you have had an initial Consultation, we will be available via phone and email to answer questions and via video or Skype/Zoom consultation to critique you and your therapists teaching techniques. Online consultations are recommended when there is no need for us to work directly with the learner.

Maintenance Consultations
- Once a program is up and running, it will regularly need to be modified due to child progress and update parental training. When a child is beginning to outlearn a program (or in rare occasions when teaching is not effective) a Maintenance Consultation is warranted. Another potential purpose for Maintenance consultations is to help you to train or evaluate a tutor and to offer support in school or kindergarten. These visits are usually shorter than initial Consultations and more specific to how your child is learning. Depending on the child and intensity of teaching, these consultations will usually prove necessary every 1 – 2 months in the first years and can include home, kindergarten, school, or community support.