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Workshop I

Introductory ABA/VB workshop "Be your child's best teacher"


This is not a typical workshop designed to merely explain what ABA with Verbal Behavior is. This workshop introduces many of the major principles of ABA/VB offering information that will allow those in attendance to begin thinking about the behavior choices of their children with (and without) autism in more productive and successful ways. (Note: ABA is a scientific approach to assessing behavior and can only be conducted by trained individuals under the guidance of a qualified behavior analyst).

Day One: The principles of ABA/VB

1. What is Autism
2. ABA = Good Teaching
3. Knospe-ABA Teaching Philosophy
4. Our Qualifications and training
5. Why you need to “Be Your Child’s Best Teacher” (video)
6. The History of ABA and Verbal Behavior
7. The importance of individuality (learning about the ABLLS)
8. The ABC Paradigm (the basics of Behavior)
9. Reinforcement vs. Punishment
10. Earning Instructional Control (Videos)
11. Capturing and creating motivation to learn (Video)
12. Discrete Trial Teaching Format
13. Watch the progress of children in ABA/VB programs (Video)

Day Two: The teaching Strategies of ABA/VB

1. What is Verbal Behaivor?
2. The Nine Categories of Language
3. Three types of Teaching (video)
4. Intensive teaching strategies (videos)
5. Prompting and Fading
6. Teaching children to echo sounds (video)
7. Teaching children to talk (videos)
8. Sign Language (video)
9. Verbal Imitation (Video)
10. Beginning Mands (Requests) (video)
11. Common teaching mistakes to avoid
12. Understanding Behavior
13. Using a teaching arc and mini-consequences (video)
14. Can you do this? (video)
15. What you can do right now