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Workshop II

ABA/VB-Workshop II:
Advanced Teaching Methods for Parents and Professionals

This Workshop is only available to parents, caregivers and professionals who have participated in the Introductory Workshop I and have been working with a child with autism under the supervision of a qualified behavior analyst.

Day 1:   Day 2:
1. ABA Research Study Analysis   1. In Depth View of Consequences
2. In Depth View of the 7 Steps (video)   2. Behavioral Classification of Language (quiz)
3. The ABC Paradigm Revisited (video)   3. Transfer Procedures (video)
4. SD or EO? (quiz)   4. Correction Procedures (video)
5. Transitive EO Plans (video)   5. Expanded Trials
6. Reflexive EO's (video)   6.Joint Control (video)
7. Family Progress - Open Discussion  

7. Mix n Vary, Inter-Trial Intervals, and Fluency (video)

8. Quality Control of Teaching Techniques

9. Important Skills for a good Therapist/Tutor

And much more!